CrowdStrike Data Science is expanding – come and join the cause, see our job description. We’re at the intersection of Machine Learning, Big Data, and Internet Security (you don’t need to be an expert in all areas).

Data Science is in high demand. With so many options, why work for CrowdStrike? For starters, we’re a rapidly growing startup with a fun work environment and an awesome team. We have large-scale rich data sets and the corresponding ground truth to conduct meaningful supervised learning on it. We have a diverse and multidisciplinary team, so if you run into a problem or have a question, chances are a teammate has the answers. For example, need to understand that data field collected from that obscure Windows kernel API? Why not ask the guy who wrote the book about it?

We need your help extracting meaning from all that data. If you’re a person who ventures where no one has gone before, who likes to see their ideas implemented and making a difference, and who wants to shape the direction of a growing team, then talk to us. Interested? We’d like to hear from you at!