There are a couple of new articles I penned in recent months on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in cybersecurity:

And in case you’re also a German speaker:

You can also find them listed on my publications page. For the first article, the post on the CrowdStrike Blog, I wanted to put the over one trillion events our cloud processes every day into perspective by comparing each event to a sheet of paper. Piling those papers up, the hypothetical stack would reach a quarter of the way to the moon.

Back when I worked on email security at a previous employer, we processed queries for a few hundred million message fingerprints for analysis daily. That was in the late 2000’s. A good chunk of those queries went initially over DNS, causing some operators to scratch their heads, before we switched to a custom TLS-based protocol. Doing our analysis on those hundreds of millions of queries in real-time certainly felt like a noteworthy engineering feat.

Now a tad over a decade later and working at CrowdStrike, the daily volume of incoming new data we’re processing is four orders of magnitude larger while both the data and analysis are significantly more complex. It is truly awe-inspiring what the Engineering team has put together to make this work. So to end this post on a pitch: if you enjoy working on hard engineering or data science problems, come join us!