To watch SpaceX’s Hakuto-R M1 launch, my wife Shannon and I made the trip to Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida in November. Alongside the primary mission consisting of a lunar lander and two rovers, the launch will also get the Lunar Flashlight CubeSat mission on its way to the moon, which Shannon worked on. Lunar Flashlight will enter lunar orbit to search for water ice using its laser.

After some delays, the launch was last scheduled for December 1 but was eventually scrubbed again without a new date to address issues with the launch vehicle. So instead of pictures of the launch, here are some pictures of launch pads as seen from the Apollo/Saturn V Center at KSC, shot using my 400mm reflex lens.

The Falcon 9 rocket with Lunar Flashlight on board on pad SLC-40 on November 30.
Pad LC-39B, which was just used to launch the Artemis I mission to the moon two weeks before. The tower of the mobile launcher can be seen.
Construction at Pad LC-39A. This pad is used by SpaceX.