Last Sunday I flew out eastwards to meet Shannon in Nashville to view the eclipse. I just managed to get a brief glimpse of the city, visiting Broadway the night of my arrival (see picture below). The next morning, we drove towards Paducah, Kentucky, which is close to the eastern border of the zone of totality. After getting breakfast, we actually ended up making camp just north of the Ohio river at Fort Massac State Park in Metropolis, Illinois. Yes, that’s a thing—and I am happy to report that Superman also wore protective eyewear (see also below).

Up to this point I have only seen partial eclipses (xkcd is on point on the matter), so this was an amazing experience. During the eclipse I took pictures with my Tokina SZX 400mm. While the moon partially covered the sun, I used a screw-on solar filter. Some sun spots can be seen in this phase. During the totality, we could see a large solar prominence. If you have a chance to see a total eclipse, go do it!