Cab Hustle is a new game for the C64, inspired by games such as Space Taxi, TurboRaketti, and Crazy Taxi. You can learn more about the game on YouTube. It’s available for free download on and was previously featured on the Zzap! 64 Magazine covermount disk. In addition, a PC version of the game has been released.

Cab Hustle for the Commodore 64

Cab Hustle, copyright (c) 2021-2023 Sven Krasser.

Cab Hustle contains Open Source Software, copyrighted by the respective authors:

  • cc65 runtime and libraries. Distributed under the zlib License.
  • Pucrunch decompression code by Pasi Ojala. Distributed under the WXWindows Library License.
  • GoatTracker playroutine. Free to use for commercial and noncommercial purposes.

Cab Hustle for PC

Cab Hustle, copyright (c) 2021-2023 Sven Krasser.

Please see the opensource.txt file included with the game for information on open source components included in Cab Hustle for Windows.